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Case studies in Digital Transformation and Digital Culture




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

George Westerman

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Please include resume. Email susany@mit.edu with 'UROP' in the subject line

Project Description

Support our ongoing MIT Sloan and MIT J-WEL research program into digital transformation and culture. For nearly ten years, we have been researching how leaders drive innovation and advantage through technologies such as AI, IoT, and Mobile. Our award-winning book and articles have helped to shape the leadership conversation around the topic. Recent articles on digital-ready culture and on transforming corporate learning & development have highlighted the people element of success in a digital world. In this UROP opportunity, you can help us extend the research while getting to know companies and their leaders up close. Tasks include:  Participate in interviews with corporate senior executives  Identify additional companies that can inform the research programs.  Develop short company vignettes, based on our interviews and other sources, and potentially co-author blog posts on key topics  Help to prepare, and then participate in, our courses and webinars related to the research You will work first-hand with the principal investigator, meeting once or twice weekly to compare notes and make sense of what we are learning. This project will be a valuable opportunity to understand how executives think about the challenges they face, and learn real-world insights on how technological innovation happens in large firms.


Interest in innovation and digital transformation. Passion for understanding how organizations work, and how to make them work better. Strong communicator comfortable with writing short vignettes based on interviews or online research. Technical skills useful but not required.