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Carbon Capture Modeling for Ships




10: Chemical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Betar Gallant

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Project Description

In 2018, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) set ambitious targets to reduce CO2 emissions from international shipping by more than 50% by 2050 (compared to 2008 levels). This project will contribute to an ongoing effort looking at the feasibility of integrating carbon capture - a technology typically designed for stationary use, e.g. power plants - to a representative cross-section of shipping vessels representing the world fleet. We are seeking a junior or senior student with experience using Aspen Plus. The project involves modeling an amine absorber/stripper unit sized to process CO2 emissions over typical trips taken by the various representative vessels. Once the model is developed, the project will look into parameter sensitivity to different amines and system designs, assessing the potential for re-design of carbon capture units for use in vessels. This project works closely with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and successful results are expected to have real-world impact in the shipping industry. Note that this project seeks a ChemE student but is supervised in the MechE Department.


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