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Building Blocks Towards a Human Skills Toolkit




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

George Westerman

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Please include resume. Email susany@mit.edu with 'UROP' in the subject line

Project Description

As automation and AI continue to reshape industries, companies, and jobs, human skills are increasingly vital: 92% of companies in a recent LinkedIn survey say that soft skills matter as much or more than hard skills; 80% say soft skills are increasingly important to company success. And yet, most companies struggle to cultivate and measure them. To bridge this gap, we need to identify and expand effective tools and approaches that train and assess human skills. So far, we have developed the Human Skills Matrix, a best-of-breed meta framework for understanding the skills that workers need to thrive in a world of increasing automation (methodology). This work has powered workshops and a major on-campus convening and is at the heart of both soon-to-launch and prospective research we’re undertaking in Open Learning and with collaborating institutions. We are looking for a student to join us in taking this work to the next level. In this project, a student will curate existing tools and approaches that train and assess human skills that will populate a database of working solutions (including novel, machine learning-based approaches such as games, simulations, and forced-choice assessment). From here, there is an opportunity to think together about what is working and where there are gaps, including ways of repurposing, scaling, and combining training and assessment.


Interest in skills and/or workforce development is preferred.