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Brain Technologies: Develop cutting-edge methods for mapping molecular composition of the brain




9: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Edward Boyden

Faculty email:


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Alexi Choueiri: choueiri@mit.edu

Project Description

The Synthetic Neurobiology Group develops cutting-edge methods for mapping the wiring and molecular composition of the brain. The UROP will lead their own project starting this spring to develop and apply proteins for sensing and recognizing small molecules, alone and in combination for the multimodal mapping of large numbers of biomolecules throughout diverse cells and tissues in healthy and disease states. UROP will help design, validate, and optimize microscopy/imaging and chemistry protocols, and help apply the resulting tools to normal and diseased brain tissue, and a diversity of other tissue types such as cancers. The scientist will also help analyze the data. Project will be associated to a publication expected to come out in 1-2 years, significant involvement will lead to authorship and letter of recommendation. Preferred set of skills and experience: -1-2 years previous lab experience -Required expertise in wet-lab procedures, microscopy, handling biomolecules, and chemicals -Experience can include microscopy ( eg. single-molecule TIRF microscopy) and image analysis, chemistry for modification of biomolecules and surfaces, BLI biolayer interferometry and ELISA for characterizing protein interactions, molecular biology -Highly independent, curious, and motivated individuals -Willingness to learn skills outside of background -Looking for 1-2 year commitment. Interpersonal skills, analytical/problem solving/critical thinking skills and good judgment are essential. Attention to detail, superb organizational, documentation, communication, and time management skills required. Seeking independent and self-motivated individual who is also able to work as part of a tightly-knit team. Demonstrated interest in biotechnology and biological tools research is preferred.


Required expertise in wet-lab procedures, microscopy, handling biomolecules and chemicals