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Blockchain: Sustaining Peace in Colombia with the United Nations Using Decentralized Autonomous Organizations




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrew Lippman

Faculty email:


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Daniel Marquez: dmarquez@mit.edu

Project Description

Often, widespread social issues such as classism, sexism, and racism, spawn a set of a distributed and loosely coordinated set of small or local organizations. Conversely, through the Internet, a local issue can spread to become a national or global movement, Black Lives Matter and the Arab Spring are two examples of this. When there is no pre-existing umbrella organization to which they can be tied, it is difficult for them to coordinate and allocate resources. We propose the creation of a network to garner and manage donations with widespread support for these grassroots, decentralized social movements, by facilitating the democratization of resources towards the small and local organizations that are enabling action on behalf of the movement. Our hypothesis is that a decentralized structure, in particular a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), can ensure that each organization has the ability to scale at its own rate, and that the donors who participate in the DAO can better and more effectively coordinate their support. Our goal is for small and local organizations with a common goal to come together to create a DAO that absorbs the support of people who pool funds through the DAO and decide where those funds go. This decision making is done via a smart contract-based voting mechanism. In essence, we argue that social movements, through the use of DAOs, can both more effectively raise funds and allocate them. To test this, we will be creating and running a pilot DAO with the United Nations' Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Sustaining Peace in Colombia.


Javascript, preferably comfortable with REACT Plus if you have worked on decentralized applications on Ethereum