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Big Data Analytics and Operations Optimization for Zara Stores




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

Georgia Perakis

Faculty email:


Apply by:


Please send applications to Professor Georgia Perakis (georgiap@mit.edu) and Tamar Cohen-Hillel (tcohen@mit.edu). Please email resume + a 2-sentence statement of why you are interested and a good fit for this project.

Project Description

We are collaborating with the clothing retailer, Zara, on how to use data analytics to plan stores’ assortments in a bi-level manner. This project will combine three parts: (1) Analyze big datasets to understand and model consumer and store manager behavior, and to implement cutting edge, machine learning tools. (2) Learn how to utilize machine learning tools to develop optimization methods with a focus on creating an impact on Zara's operations. (3) Finally, the project will drive towards a pilot with a continent-wide scope that has the possibility of changing international operations. Responsibilities: (1) You will be a full member of the research team. The team will meet weekly. (2) In the meetings we will work together on modeling, algorithms, discussing results, and determining next steps. (3) The primary responsibilities will be coding algorithms (with our guidance) and analyzing data.


(1) Experience with Python and perhaps Matlab is required (2) Some experience with optimization is required (3) Availability to start early September