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Barrier Contraception




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Ellen Roche

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Project Description

Unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI) continue to rise not only in the US but across the world despite public awareness campaigns. Currently condoms are the only solution, when used correctly, that prevents both of these unintended consequences. The only problem is no one likes to use them. Our team is made up of physicians, engineers and product developers passionate about addressing this important health problem. This work is being conducted through Professor Roche's lab (https://ttdd.mit.edu). Our goal is to develop technology that will increase condom utilisation thereby reducing unplanned pregnancy and STI. We are currently prototyping different approaches as well as constructing a survey for stakeholders to better refine our approach. We are looking for students passionate not only about building things but also public health and the opportunity to make an impact on this problem.


3D computer design, printing and molding techniques helpful but not required.