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Automated and Autonomous Legal Entity Prototype




4: Architecture

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Greenwood

Faculty email:


Apply by:

February 13, 2020


Dazza Greenwood, dazza@civics.com, 650-504-5474, Law.MIT.edu

Project Description

If you have an interest in the convergence of law, autonomous and robotic systems, we hope you will consider joining our project to build a working, open-source prototype for a fully automated and autonomous legal entity (corporation, LLC, etc). Our project aims to build this prototype using a combination of Docassemble (Python and YAML) and Docker or Kubernetes. This project is part of the Human Dynamics Research Group at the MIT Media Lab and will work closely with research collaborators through [law.MIT.edu](law.MIT.edu). This project includes an opportunity to present the work as part of a team at conferences at Stanford in April and here at the MIT Media Lab in May.


Experience with Python, Web Development; Interest in Law