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Augmented Reality for Nanofabrication Instruction




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

John Liu

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Project Description

Despite the nanotechnology community identifying education as one of the “grand challenges” and a “bottleneck” to the development of the field over 15 years ago, educational initiatives and developments have not met the need. The aim of this project is to develop headset-based Augmented Reality (AR) to visualize real-time 3D reconstruction of AFM topographic data and the inside of AFM and SEM in operation (mechanical phenomenon and invisible electromagnetic phenomenon such as the focusing or scattering of the electron beam would teach students the basics of generation, focus, and scattering). The project would develop new pedagogy around interactive and 3D visualization experiences, and explore how these deepen understanding of the AFM and SEM operational principles.


1. An ideal candidate should be a junior/senior familiar with and have previous experience with developing VR/AR projects using Unity, and preferably experience with the Hololens. 2. Background in UI/UX design. 3. Preferably can continue the UROP position in Spring 2021. 4. Basic programming skills.