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Augmented Reality for Machine Shop Instruction




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

John Liu

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Project Description

Within the manufacturing community, a primary challenge of addressing the nation-wide skills gap numbering in potentially millions of jobs is the bottleneck of hands-on skills training in the shop: the trainer. The aim of this project is develop headset-based Augmented Reality (AR) to offer i) narrated introduction of the machine and ii) highlights of important machine elements while giving a narrated description of their function and operation. The project would examine whether AR can be used to enhance a student’s learning retention and authentic knowledge transfer in learning hands-on skills.


1. An ideal candidate should be a junior/senior familiar with and have previous experience with developing VR/AR projects using Unity, and preferably experience with the Hololens. 2. Background in UI/UX design. 3. Preferably can continue the UROP position in Spring 2021. 4. Basic programming skills.