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Audio Augmented Reality exploration




CMS: Comparative Media Studies

Faculty Supervisor:

Philip Tan

Faculty email:


Apply by:

January 6 2020


Please send resume & cover letter to Richard Eberhardt <reberhar@mit.edu>

Project Description

This IAP, the MIT Game Lab creating a prototype to explore the possibilities around Audio-only Augmented Reality. This project follows an exploratory process begun last summer and continued into the Fall. We are developing for the Bose AR SDK, which supports their Bose Frames and headphones platform. UROPs would be hired as programmers and designers on the project. We are looking to add 1 or 2 more students to the team. UROPs would be working for at minimum 20 hours/week during the four weeks of IAP, although we are hoping to find students with 30 hours/week availability.


Experience using Unity and C#, audio editing, music composition, are all pluses. We are using Unity with the Bose SDK for Android, with GitHub for version control.