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Applying web development for life science research




BI: Broad Institute

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Lander

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If interested, please send CV to Arthur J. Campbell. arthurc@broadinstitute.org

Project Description

Life sciences are in the midst of an era of data revolution, where development of online platforms and portals, software are essential for new discovery. Therefore, application of different areas of computer science and engineering in biomedical research is now more demanding than ever. In our computer-aided drug discovery group, we integrate genomics and structural biology data to interpret the genetics variants on protein structure. In an effort to that direction, we have developed Missense variant to proteIn StruCture Analysis suiTe (MISCAST; http://miscast.broadinstitute.org/). We are looking for an enthusiastic student to update the MISCAST web portal. The student will be responsible for integrating different JavaScript modules to facilitate the web-visualization through MISCAST. In addition to the technical aspect, this project also offers an exciting opportunity for the student to learn biomedical data and bioinformatic approaches, and interact with a group of scientists, including computational chemists, computer scientists, and geneticists. Outcome of this project will be crucial to accelerate genetics-aided drug discovery, and thus, the experience will be invaluable for a student motivated to pursuing a demanding career in computational biology.


Experience in web development (HTML, CSS), R/Python is preferred.