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Antiracism and Technology Design




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Danielle Wood

Faculty email:


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Dr. Katlyn Turner, katlyn@media.mit.edu

Project Description

The Space Enabled Research Group works to advance justice in Earth’s complex systems using designs enabled by space. The group considers three broad research thrusts: (1) Developing space technologies that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), (2) Working to make space and its benefits accessible for all, and (3) Exploring the relationship between technology systems and social hierarchy. The Antiracism and Technology Design research project looks specifically at Thrust (3) and asks the following questions: -How does technology passively or actively contribute to and sustain social hierarchy? -How does technology and innovation affect racial hierarchy and injustice? -What features of technology design or implementation can lead to racist (or, antiracist) outcomes? -What are meaningful antiracist outcomes from technology and how can we measure them? -What are principles of antiracist technology design? The Space Enabled Research Group seeks a student to work on the Antiracism and Technology Design Research Project. Project activities for the spring term include: (1) high level literature analysis of relevant work on race, social hierarchy, STEM, technology, and policy, (2) meeting with relevant individuals in the Greater Boston area to discuss antiracism and technology design, (3) conducting systems architecture analyses of relevant case studies. The student will work closely with their research mentor. The option to renew for summer or fall may be available.


We are looking for a student comfortable and familiar with STEM, regardless of their major. A strong interest in the ideas of justice and social hierarchy is a must. A demonstrated interest in issues pertaining to race and justice is preferred. Prior experience in areas of social justice, race, policy, and/or technology is preferred. Space Enabled Research Group website: https:/www.media.mit.edu/groups/space-enabled/overview