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Analyzing English Intonation


IAP and Spring


QI: MIT Quest for Intelligence

Faculty Supervisor:

Edward Flemming

Faculty email:


Apply by:

December 15, 2019


Danfeng Wu, dfwu@mit.edu

Project Description

When we speak, we communicate an enormous amount of information not only in the words we say, but also by how we say them. This is what we study in the young field of prosody (how a sentence is pronounced), a subfield of linguistics. This project investigates the interaction between prosody and meaning, and bridges current linguistic theory with empirical work. Your work will involve (i) segmenting and annotating speech recordings, and (ii) data entering and assisting with interpretation. It might also involve (iii) designing and preparing novel experiments, and (iv) running experiments with speakers. The UROP's main goals will be: engagement with cutting edge theoretical developments in intonation and prosody, and acquiring hands-on experience processing sound data. Please send your resume or CV to dfwu@mit.edu. Wellesley Students are welcome and encouraged to apply. This project offers pay to the UROP.


There are no pre-requisites for this UROP assignment. Having taken 24.900 is preferred but not required. All the knowledge required for this project will be provided through training by the supervisor. Work hours are flexible, and most of the work can be done remotely.