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American Lobster Initiative




SEAG: Sea Grant Program

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Triantafyllou

Faculty email:


Apply by:

January 14, 2021



Project Description

American Lobster is a key part of the ecology, economy, and culture of communities in the Northeast United States and more specifically to the state of Massachusetts. MIT Sea Grant assists the coordinated regional lobster extension effort while also identifies and addresses specific needs to Massachusetts. For this, we will conduct surveys to fishermen and other stakeholders to gather broad perspectives across management and industry. The overall goal is that members of the American lobster industry, research, management, and fishing communities contribute to identifying research, technical assistance and outreach needs related to building ecological, social and economic resiliency.


None. Desirable interests in a) qualitative research, b) reviewing and summarizing data from heterogeneous sources of information, or c) learning about lobster fisheries and global change impacts on the industry. First-year students are encourage to apply.