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AI for Real-time Disaster Response




4: Architecture

Faculty Supervisor:

Miho Mazereeuw

Faculty email:


Apply by:

May 7


Miho Mazereeuw - mmaz@mit.edu

Project Description

The Urban Risk Lab is an interdisciplinary research group in the School of Architecture + Planning, developing technologies to embed disaster risk reduction and preparedness into the design of cities. As a UROP, you will work closely with PI and researchers in the lab to leverage AL and ML use-cases for the realtime crisis data. Experiment and develop machine vision, NLP based use-cases for real-time disaster data analytics, triage, and management. Develop methods to use chatbot based communication for evacuation and shelter management. Assist with the development of the backend infrastructure Riskmap platform for real-time disaster reporting. Our current development comprises of a Full-Stack JavaScript, Node.js environment, including: Front-end: Angular, Mapbox GL JS Server: NestJS Database: TypeORM, PostgreSQL Deployment: Docker, AWS cloud, Fargate


JavaScript and python, web-development experience Familiarity with AWS preferable but not required Preferably have taken 6.036 and/or 6.171