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AgeLab - Database Design and Management




SCM: Supply Chain Management

Faculty Supervisor:

Joseph Coughlin

Faculty email:


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Lexi Balmuth: abalmuth@mit.edu

Project Description

The MIT AgeLab is seeking a UROP to work remotely during the fall of 2020. The UROP will assist with designing a database to store and manage survey data from an ongoing longitudinal research panel with family caregivers called CareHive. While the design, creation, and management of this database, as well as assisting AgeLab staff in their use of it, will be the primary focus of the UROP, there may also be opportunities for data analysis. Open to full-time undergraduate students who are eligible to participate in the UROP program. Project tasks include: • Organize and manage current longitudinal dataset • Work with the AgeLab team to develop and implement an improved data storage and management plan that will facilitate search of existing data, secure storage of all data, and analysis using the dataset • Assist with quantitative and qualitative data analysis • Support other AgeLab research and staff as needed. About the MIT AgeLab: The aim of the AgeLab is to invent new ideas and creatively translate technologies into practical solutions that improve people’s health and enable them to remain active throughout the lifespan. AgeLab’s research centers around how products are designed, services are delivered, and individuals will live, work, and play in the future. The AgeLab is made up of a multidisciplinary team of researchers focused on issues related to: caregiving & wellbeing; retirement & longevity planning; home services & logistics; and transportation & livable communities.


Preferred Qualifications: • Knowledge of or willingness to learn to use SPSS • Understanding of or interest in relational databases • Experience with data management • Ability to problem-solve and think creatively • Ability to work remotely, both independently and in a team setting • Willingness to use phone calls and video calls as primary mode of professional communication • Self-starter, communicative • Passion for improving the lives of older adults • Positive attitude and ability to work with others • Effective communication, visual, and organizational skills