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Advanced Energy Storage Analysis: Understanding Roles and Business Cases in Power Systems of the Future




MITEI: MIT Energy Initiative

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert C. Armstrong

Faculty email:


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Apurba Sakti, sakti@mit.edu, 6177154512

Project Description

How can renewable energy and energy storage systems help us transition to a low-carbon energy system, economically? What are the promising emerging technologies and what are the relevant business cases? How we can benefit from deep learning methods? These are some of the exciting topics that we are focusing on, as we work towards developing improved analytics for low-carbon energy systems. In one industry-sponsored research project, we will be focusing on model formulations that can answer key questions about electricity market design and energy-environmental policy that affect the ongoing energy transition across the globe. In particular, the project aims to investigate the evolving roles and business cases of energy storage systems in the US and beyond. While there will be opportunities to work on advanced aspects within the scope of the project, to start off, the UROP will perform a critical review of existing and emerging storage business cases by looking at deployments across the globe. These will span from short-duration storage systems (such as batteries) to emerging longer durations ones (such as hydrogen-based storage).


1. Some understanding of energy storage systems 2. Technical report preparation preferred 2.1 Results analysis and generating graphics 2.2 Technical writing 3 Programming: 3.1 Fluency with Python preferred 3.2 Modeling experience (preferred not required)