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Adaptive Control Autopilot for Rapidly Reconfigurable Aircraft System




12: Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Sai Ravela

Faculty email:


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Sai Ravela, ravela@mit.edu

Project Description

In this project, we develop retrospective cost adaptive control algorithms developed under a Navy award to the design of low-cost autopilots. Currently, our approach described here arXiv:2006.00416, has been applied to quad-copters and we want to develop similar ideas for fixed-wing aircraft using the PixHawk/PX4 system. We seek a UROP who is familiar with the PX4 environment and is interested in learning and implementing adaptive control for unmanned aircraft systems.


Experience with px4 will be perfect. Knowledge of feedback control will be excellent. An understanding of adaptive control is desirable and field experience flying will be valued. Juniors and Seniors are most welcome, but other years with relevant experience will also be considered.