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Accessible learning materials that support the teaching and learning of mathematics and science schools for blind students in Ghana




EC: Edgerton Center

Faculty Supervisor:

Kendra Leith

Faculty email:


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Tech Era Derick Omari (derick@techera-gh.org)

Project Description

Tech Era, a social enterprise in Ghana has been addressing problems in education and disability to bridge educational gaps for persons with disabilities in Ghana. Although 88% of children and youth with disabilities are not in school, the 12% who are in school do not experience quality and inclusive education. As a result, only 5% of adults with disabilities in Africa can read or write. Only 1.5% of students with disabilities get the opportunity to continue education to the tertiary level. Blind students make up about 12% of the students with disabilities in Ghana. Blind students in the beginning of their education are segregated at the basic level (primary 1 – JHS 3), but join inclusive senior high schools (SHS 1 – SHS 3) before heading to tertiary institutions. Blind students learn mathematics and science in basic school. Even though learning science and mathematics presents many challenges at the basic level, the students are excluded from learning these two subjects at the senior high school level in Ghana, limiting blind students from accessing opportunities in science and mathematics at the tertiary level. We are looking for a student to lead research efforts in developing a model that improves teaching and learning of science and mathematics in basic school in Ghana and provides a good framework or recommendations on how science and mathematics can be taught effectively in senior high school for blind students. This project will • Examine the existing methods and framework for teaching and learning science and mathematics for blind students in basic schools, identify the challenges and examine the potential impact on blind students • Explore how other countries are bridging this gap around the world especially in Africa • Examine curriculum and content requirements as provided by the Ghana Education Service at the basic school level • Based on literature review, recommend the necessary assistive technologies/learning materials and infrastructure Tech Era could adopt or develop locally to improve teaching and learning of science and math’s for blind students Relevant URL: https://www.macularsociety.org/sites/default/files/resource/Macular%20Society%20tips%20for%20teaching%20Maths%20to%20visually%20impaired%20students.pdf Expected Number of Hours: Flexible between 5-16 hours in a week Please note that this UROP is part of a three-year program, New Entrepreneurs Xchange for Transformation, which was co-created by MIT D-Lab and Ashesi University in Ghana. It includes an incubator for social ventures. Tech Era is one of the enterprises in the incubator.


Applicants should have an interest in practical solutions to bridge educational gaps. Applicants should have a good understanding and experience in inclusive and accessible innovation and designs. Applicants should have interest in educational technologies and accessibility.