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3D Sensors for Rapid Prototyping adsa




CSAIL: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

Faculty Supervisor:

Stefanie Mueller

Faculty email:


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Junyi Zhu: junyizhu@mit.edu

Project Description

Generally speaking, I work on projects that can help integrating (object) form and (electronic) function together for rapid interactive object prototyping, as well as building new sensing techniques. Some current ongoing projects including 1) building a system (software + hardware) that directly engrave (via UV laser) electrical connection into object (like bubblegram but conductive) so that a better form and function integration can be achieved, 2) follow up project from CurveBoards. New ideas that fits with the general vision are also welcome! Some Related Previous Projects: - CurveBoards, 3D breadboards directly integrated into the surface of physical prototypes. In contrast to traditional breadboards, CurveBoards better preserve the object’s look and feel while maintaining high circuit fluidity, which enables designers to exchange and reposition components during design iteration. CurveBoards includes an interactive editor that enables users to convert 3D models into CurveBoards and fabrication technique for making CurveBoard prototypes. (https://youtu.be/erV9JR0rjGs) - MorphSensor, a 3D electronic design tool that enables designers with limited technical expertise to morph existing sensor modules of pre-defined shape into electronic component arrangements that better integrate with a physical prototype.


Some Pre-requisites (don’t have to fulfill all listed items, as you most would likely work on a part of the project, which doesn’t require all the skills. knowing more definitely helps): 1) some experience with 3D modeling tools like Rhino Grasshopper, Blender etc.; 2) some experience with fabrication tools like 3D printer, laser cutter etc. It would be a huge plus if you know something about G-code generating (or some scripting for G-code modification) for laser cutter/engraving machine, or 3D printers. 3) some experience with electronic design, used EDA tools like EAGLE before; 4) some experience with Python and C-like languages. It will also help if you have built some interactive devices/systems with microprocessor/micro-controller (Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.) before;