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3D Printing




6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Wojciech Matusik

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Mike Foshey (mfoshey@mit.edu) or Wan Shou (wanshou@mit.edu)

Project Description

We are looking for an undergraduate student that we can challenge to develop novel applications and processes in multi-material 3D printing. Within the Computational Fabrication Group, we have a number of bespoke 3D printing platforms that can push the boundaries of additive manufacturing. The SuperUROP applicant will be solving high impact problems such as, printing multi-material soft robots that can walk out of the 3D printer after printing, developing AI-driven systems that can design better 3D printing materials than an expert chemist can, or develop new 3D printing technologies that require zero support for any 3D printing. Besides materials and manufacturing processes, we also actively work on applications, such as printed flexible electronics, soft actuators, etc. Applicants should be willing to be hands-on and be comfortable in the wet lab. If you are ready for a challenging, hands-on, impactful SuperUROP, please share your resume/CV with us by emailing us at Mike Foshey (mfoshey@mit.edu) or Wan Shou (wanshou@mit.edu).


Interest in 3D printing