COVID-19 FAQs (Updated April 8, 2021)

This FAQ page will be updated regularly.

Summer UROP

Spring UROP

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Summer UROP

Will in-person Summer UROP opportunities be available?

  • Yes, all MIT undergraduates who are living off-campus this summer may access campus to participate in an in-person UROP, contingent on faculty supervisor approval.  However, cross-registered Wellesley College students are not eligible to research on-campus this summer, but may conduct remote UROPs. MIT students planning summer in-person UROP must be clear on campus access policies, testing and other Covid-related protocols.  To ensure the safety of the campus and surrounding community, requirements for mask wearing, social distancing, and routine testing (with the potential for reduced frequency toward the end of summer) will remain. In addition, a quarantine week (Q-Week) will be required for new campus residents or those returning to campus after an extended period away. MIT community members who travel outside of Massachusetts for more than 24 hours and who reside or work on campus should consult the travel reentry policy for more details on testing and quarantine requirements.

    More detailed information can be found on MIT Now.

How do I request campus access for in-person summer UROP?

  • The process for undergraduate students wishing to request access to campus will be announced soon; please check back.

Are students participating in in-person UROPs eligible for on-campus housing?

  • No. Students in summer UROPs will not be eligible for on-campus housing (unless they qualify through SHARP). Students interested in exploring off-campus housing options in the Greater Cambridge area are encouraged to visit (MIT certificate or credentials required) to view off-campus rental listings and other tenant resources.

Will Summer UROP for Credit be available?

  • Due to the pandemic, students will have the option to register for the summer session and receive credit for UROP at no cost (i.e., tuition is waived). Departments may set a cap on the number of units for their summer for-credit UROP subjects, but the cap may not exceed 18 units. The 18-unit cap applies to the total number of units of UROP credits a student may register for this summer, whether it is in one UROP subject or spread out over multiple subjects. Note that the tuition-free option for credit UROP extends to summer 2021 only. For summers 2022 and beyond, applicable tuition will be charged for summer session UROP credit registration.
  • For grading, departments will also determine whether students may receive a letter grade (i.e., A/B/C/D/F) or whether grading will be P/D/F for those subjects. In addition to submitting your online UROP application no later than July 9, you must also register for the summer session. See the Registrar's site for details. The Summer 2021 credit registration deadline is June 12, 2021; anyone registering summer academic credit after this date will be subject to a $50 late registration fee.

My summer UROP will involve work with MIT-affiliated faculty at Boston-area hospitals.  Is this allowed?

  • Yes, but students planning to do UROP research at the hospitals must be vaccinated, and this must be on record with MIT Medical before projects can be approved.  Beginning in May, students (and others)  will be able to upload their vaccine card into COVIDPass. Students should also note that weekly testing will still be available to them on the MIT Campus.

Spring UROP

Will students (including seniors) be able to conduct in-person UROPs this spring?

  • Undergraduates invited back to campus for spring 2021 and living in MIT housing (including FSILG Pilots) may be authorized for lab access for in-person UROPs. Research must meet all safety and public health requirements and can be conducted within the confines of MIT’s limited campus constraints. The student must meet all requirements for in-person UROPs, including securing approval from the faculty sponsor/PI and the Student Covid Access Request Team. Before adding UROP students to the Exercise B spreadsheet, faculty supervisors must first contact
  • Seniors living off-campus and in good standing with all Covid Pass testing and health monitoring requirements are eligible for in-person UROP work.  Per MIT’s senior administration, this is extended only to seniors in their second/final term who must stay current with twice-a-week testing, daily health attestation, and other Institute requirements, to maintain access.  Research must meet safety and public health requirements and is conducted within limited campus constraints. Approval must be secured from the faculty sponsor/PI and the Student Covid Access Request Team. Before adding senior UROP students to the Exercise B spreadsheet, faculty supervisors must first contact
  • Undergraduates eligible for in-person access in spring should note these important dates:
    • Monday, February 8 through Friday February 12. Students eligible for building access throughout IAP and already conducting in-person UROP research may continue in-person work for this period. Students must be planning to continue their UROP work into the spring term, and a spring UROP application must be on file. In-person access for these students will end February 12 and cannot resume until after February 28. Monday,
    • Saturday, February 13 through Sunday, February 28.  Per senior administration, all UROP work will be virtual. This period includes Move-in and Quarantine Week, and the start of spring classes.  
    • Monday, March 1.  In-person access may commence for eligible students in compliance with testing requirements. This is also the first day of in-person classes on campus.

Can I do a remote UROP In spring 2021? 

  • Yes, remote UROPs will continue to be available in spring as well.

Where can I find information on spring application deadlines? 

I am currently outside of the US.  Can I do a UROP for pay?

  • Due to international tax and wage regulations, MIT is not able to offer paid UROPs or other hourly wage opportunities (regardless of funding source) to students that are not physically located in the United States. However, students living abroad may opt for a credit-only UROP in IAP and Spring 2021. Alternatively, students may also choose to do a non-UROP experiential learning opportunity (such as remote K12 tutoring or public service) paid by stipend. Please see Vice Chancellor Waitz’ August 14 announcement for additional details.

I am currently outside of the US and doing UROP for academic credit, will my project require an international appointment review?

  • This depends on your location. There are various U.S. and foreign country restrictions and compliance obligations when research is conducted abroad. Additional review by MIT’s Remote International Appointment Review Team will be required if you will be conducting work in, or collaborating with people or entities from, any of the following countries or regions: Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, the Crimea region of Ukraine, China (including Hong Kong), Russia, or Saudi Arabia. 
  • If your UROP research would be conducted in Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, or the Crimea region of Ukraine, you should not proceed with the opportunity unless you have received advanced approval from MIT’s export control officers. For China (including Hong Kong), Russia, or Saudi Arabia, you may proceed unless otherwise contacted. 

Resources for Students

How do I speak with UROP Office staff? Can I make an appointment?

  • We may not be on campus, but UROP staff are still here for you! Just send email or call us at (617) 253-7306. UROP staff also have office hours on Tuesdays from 3-4PM EST. Join our Office Hours Zoom Meeting (MIT credentials required). We can also schedule one-on-one virtual appointments. 
  • In addition, the UROP office hosts events throughout the academic year to help you learn more about the program, find projects, and interact with faculty and students engaged in the program to learn more about what to expect in your experiences and how to maximize them.  See our UROP Events page for the current schedule of offerings.

Resources for Supervisors

I would like to advertise for UROP(s). How do I do so?

We may not be on campus, but UROP staff are still here for you! Just send email, call us at (617) 253-7306. We can also schedule one-on-one virtual appointments.