COVID-19 FAQs (Updated September 8, 2021)

This FAQ page will be updated regularly.


Resources for Students

Resources for Supervisors


How do I get access to my UROP lab as an MIT student?

  • See MIT Now for up-to-date information on MIT Covid protocols and testing, including details on Campus Access.

How is MIT campus access handled for Wellesley College Students engaged in UROP?

  • Wellesley students must cross-registered for the term and added to Covid Pass to access MIT’s campus. The deadline for Fall UROP Wellesley cross-registration is Friday, October 8, 2021 (MIT Add Date), but students should be sure to cross-register, ASAP, if they plan to start fall UROP before Oct. 8, as they need to be updated in all MIT systems to submit UROP applications, begin work and access MIT systems/campus. Step-by-step details on the UROP cross-registration process can be found in the Wellesley Student UROP Checklist.

Can MIT students engage in UROP off-campus at Ragon Institute, Lincoln Labs, etc,)?

  • Yes, MIT students may conduct research at the Ragon Institute, Lincoln Laboratory (Lexington) and Boston-area Hospitals (where MIT faculty member who is UROP supervisor may have appointment). UROPs in these facilities will be limited by MIT to those undergraduate students who are fully vaccinated (defined as more than 2 weeks past their second vaccine for Pfizer/Moderna or 2 weeks past the single J&J/Janssen vaccine). MIT faculty wishing to provide undergraduates access to Ragon Institute, Lincoln Laboratory (Lexington) and Boston-area hospitals in which academic research occurs should be sure that Covid Access records are created at MIT for these students. UROP students must also comply with all MIT Covid Access protocols. See MIT Now for up-to-date information on MIT Covid protocols and testing,

Will travel be allowed for fall 2021 UROPs?

  • Occasionally, there are times when it is appropriate for students to travel domestically or internationally in support of their UROP research.  However, in the pandemic, students should review MIT’s travel policies before they make any plans for UROP-related travel.  See the UROP Travel guidelines page for complete details.

Resources for Students

How do I speak with UROP Office staff? Do I need to make an appointment?

  • UROP staff are here for you! You can also stop by the UROP Office in 7-104 during walk-In hours Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm. We are also happy to assist via one-on-one virtual appointments (offered Monday-Friday) - just send email or call us at (617) 253-7306 to schedule.
  • In addition, we host events throughout the academic year to help you learn more about the program, find projects, interact with faculty/ students engaged in the program, and learn more about what to expect in your experiences and how to maximize them.  See our UROP Events page for the current schedule of offerings.

Resources for Supervisors

I would like to advertise for UROP(s). How do I do so?

UROP staff are still here for you! Just send email, call us at (617) 253-7306, or stop by the UROP Office in 7-104 during walk-In hours Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm. We can also schedule one-on-one virtual appointments Monday-Friday.