UROP Updates, including Summer 2021 participation

UROP is an integral part of an MIT education, and the Institute will make UROP and other experiential learning opportunities available to undergraduate students. See the Spring and Summer UROP pages for details on lab-access for UROPs note the updates below. Remote UROPs will continue to be an option for both students living on and off campus in Summer 2021.

UPDATED 05/19/21

  • Summer lab access. ALL MIT undergraduates who are living off-campus this summer may access campus to participate in an in-person UROP, contingent on faculty supervisor approval.  However, cross-registered Wellesley College students are not eligible to research on campus, but may participate in remote UROPs. The process for MIT undergraduate students wishing to request access to in-lab UROPs is outlined on our Summer UROP Alert page.

    MIT students planning in-person summer UROP must be clear on campus access policies, testing and other Covid-related protocols.  To ensure the safety of the campus and surrounding community, requirements for mask wearing, social distancing, and routine testing (with the potential for reduced frequency toward the end of summer) will remain. In addition, a quarantine week (Q-Week) will be required for new campus residents or those returning to campus after an extended period away. MIT community members who travel outside of Massachusetts for more than 24 hours and who reside or work on campus should consult the travel reentry policy for more details on testing and quarantine requirements. More detailed information can be found on MIT Now.

    Note that students in summer UROPs will not be eligible for on-campus housing (unless they qualify through SHARP).Students interested in exploring off-campus housing options in the Greater Cambridge area are encouraged to visit www.mitoffcampus.com (MIT certificate or credentials required) to view off-campus rental listings and other tenant resources.
  • Virtual UROPs conducted outside the US.  Students doing UROP work outside of the US may only participate for academic credit; hourly pay is not possible. For summer 2021 only, UROP credit (up to 18 units) will not incur tuition charges.

    Please note the following:
    • Work to be continued abroad in Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, the Crimea region of Ukraine, China (including Hong Kong), Russia, or Saudi Arabia will require review by MIT’s remote international appointment team. Projects in Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, or the Crimea region of Ukraine may not continue until the remote appointment team review has been conducted.

If you have any questions about UROP processes, please contact UROP Staff at (617) 253-7306, urop@mit.edu.