UROP Updates and Looking ahead to IAP and Spring

UROP is an integral part of an MIT education, and the Institute will make UROP and other experiential learning opportunities available to undergraduate students. See the IAP and Spring UROP pages for details on lab-access for UROPs beyond the fall semester and note the updates related to fall UROPs below. Remote UROPs will continue to be an option for both students living on and off campus in IAP and spring.

UPDATED 11/17/20

  • Conclusion of fall in-person lab access.  Some students living on campus for fall 2020 have had access to on-campus research facilities to conduct UROP research, thesis work, or class projects. Fall term lab access for undergraduates scheduled to depart campus in November will end when in-person instruction for this semester concludes (Friday, November 20). Students affected by this change may continue their fall UROP work on a virtual-basis only through Thursday, December 31.  For those students already approved to live on-campus through the end of the calendar year and IAP 2021, eligibility for access to research facilities will continue. Principal investigators (PI) requesting lab access for eligible undergraduates during this period must follow the established Exercise B spreadsheet procedures. 
  • Fall UROPs departing the US.  All students currently conducting UROP work (pay, credit or volunteer) in the US and planning to leave the country in November must alert the UROP Office by completing a Remote Location Change Form. Please note the following:
    • Work to be continued abroad in Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, the Crimea region of Ukraine, China (including Hong Kong), Russia, or Saudi Arabia will require review by MIT’s remote international appointment team. Projects in Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, or the Crimea region of Ukraine may not continue until the remote appointment team review has been conducted.
    • UROP-for-pay students departing the US may continue filing weekly timesheets via the Atlas system, through December 31 only. Please note that UROP work conducted in IAP 2021 and after by students outside of the US may not be conducted for pay (credit or volunteer options remain).

To request in-person UROP lab access:

  • UROP supervisor should email the following info to student-car@mit.edu (with cc to PI):
    • Student’s first and last name
    • MIT ID#
    • MIT email address
    • Building for which lab access is requested
  • UROP student should submit a UROP proposal in the application system, if they have not already done so. An active UROP proposal will need to be in the system before eligibility can be confirmed.
  • Student COVID Access Request Review Team checks for COVID Access
    • If student is eligible for lab access campus:
      • Supervisor and PI are informed that the student is approved for lab access
      • Only after the Review Team issues an approval, PI (or the DLC AO) adds the student to the Exercise B spreadsheet
      • AO uploads Exercise B spreadsheet to grant access
    • If student is ineligible for lab access, supervisor will be notified.

If you have any questions about UROP processes, please contact UROP Staff at (617) 253-7306, urop@mit.edu.