Fall 2020 UROP

UROP is an integral part of an MIT education, and the Institute will make UROP and other experiential learning opportunities available to undergraduate students in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Remote UROPs will be an option for both students living on and off campus.  Please note the following:

  • Only those undergraduates living on campus in Fall 2020 may be able to participate in in-person UROPs.
  • UPDATED 9/4/20: Requirements for In-Person Access to Research Labs for UROP Students:  
    • Student must be invited back to campus for fall 2020 and living in MIT Housing.
    • Student is counted as a lab member and hours are listed in Exercise B spreadsheet.
    • Student must follow all social distancing, mask-wearing, cleaning, and testing protocols.
    • Student has appropriate supervision that does not violate density or social distancing protocols.
  • UPDATED 9/4/20: To Request In-Person UROP Lab Access:
    • UROP supervisor should email the following info to student-car@mit.edu (with cc to PI):
      • Student’s first and last name
      • MIT ID#
      • MIT email address
      • Building for which lab access is requested
    • Student COVID Access Request Review Team checks for COVID Access
      • If student has existing (residential, research, curricular) access to campus
        • Supervisor and PI are informed that the student is approved for lab access
        • Only after the Review Team issues an approval, PI (or the DLC AO) adds the student to the Exercise B spreadsheet
        • AO uploads Exercise B spreadsheet to grant access
      • If student does NOT currently have access to campus…
        • Supervisor and PI are informed that the student is NOT approved for campus/lab access
  • Students not approved to live on-campus (including those living locally to MIT) may conduct UROP research on a remote basis only. 
  • Remote UROP work must have the approval of the project’s faculty supervisor, and students intending to work remotely must complete our Fall UROP Remote Location Update Form. UROP proposals must include details on remote communications with supervisors; see the Fall 2020 UROP proposal template for details on what to include.
  • Due to international tax and compliance issues, MIT is not able to offer paid UROPs or other hourly wage opportunities (regardless of funding source) to undergraduate students who are not physically located in the United States. However, students living abroad may opt for a credit-only UROP in Fall 2020. Alternatively, students may also choose to do a non-UROP experiential learning opportunity (such as remote K12 tutoring or public service) paid by stipend.
  • There are various U.S. and foreign country restrictions and compliance obligations when research or other activities are conducted abroad. Therefore, all UROP projects and experiential learning opportunities being conducted by undergraduate students living abroad will be subject to additional review by MIT’s Remote International Appointments Team. Note that this added review process may delay approval of your UROP Project.
  • Students currently living abroad may participate in UROP for pay upon their return to campus in a future term.
  • More details about UROPs and other experiential learning opportunities can be found on the MIT Nowand Experiential Learning Opportunities sites.
  • Fall 2020 UROP application deadlines and proposal templates are now available. Details on Wellesley student access to UROP in 2020-2021 can be found in our UROP for Wellesley College Students section, note that earlier deadlines for cross-registering and submitting online applications apply for Wellesley students.​

Students with any questions about UROP processes (finding a project, writing a proposal, submitting an application, etc.) are encouraged to contact UROP Staff at (617) 253-7306, urop@mit.edu. We’re here to help. We have also developed a set of FAQ to help answer student and faculty questions. 

UROP staff will hold Fall Office Hours beginning August 25 on Tuesdays from 3-4PM EST & Thursdays from 4-5PM EST. Join our Office Hours Zoom Meeting (MIT credentials required). 

The UROP office also hosts events throughout the academic year to help you learn more about the program, find projects, and interact with faculty and students engaged in the program to learn more about what to expect in your experiences and how to maximize them.