The Institute's response to COVID-19 requires adjustments to spring term UROPs. All in-person UROPs must end on Sunday, March 15, 2020. This includes UROPs taking place in on-campus labs, at the Whitehead Institute, Broad Institute, Lincoln Lab, area hospitals, other IMES/HST/Harvard facilities, or other research settings and collaborative spaces. Only remote or virtual UROP projects that are mutually agreed upon by faculty and their UROP students may continue for the duration of the spring term (through May 31, 2020). No on-campus/in-person UROP is allowed for the duration of the spring term. To better understand student and faculty plans and ensure that payroll and credit is appropriately processed, please complete this form by March 31 to let us know whether you plan to continue your UROP remotely or will be ending your participation. We have also developed a set of COVID-19 UROP FAQs to help answer student and faculty questions.