This section provides information and resources for students and faculty engaged in UROP in light of the Institute's response to COVID-19.

Summer UROP

All MIT summer programming, including UROP, will need to be remote through summer 2020. Remote UROP work must have the approval of the project’s faculty supervisor and are asked to complete our Summer UROP Remote Location Update Form in addition to submitting UROP proposals that include details on remote communications with supervisors. See the Summer 2020 UROP proposal template for details on what to include.

Summer UROP application deadlines must be submitted by our revised Summer 2020 deadlines, which were extended to allow students and faculty additional time to plan summer options. Please see the summer 2020 deadlines page for the revised deadlines. This summer credit UROPs will be no-cost to students. Note that this is a one-time-only tuition waiver. To receive credit for summer UROPs, undergraduates must register for the summer session. Please see the MIT Registrar's Summer Registration page for details.  Wellesley Students must heed an earlier cross-registration deadline and follow the instructions that apply specifically for cross-registered students.


UROP is an integral part of an MIT education, and the Institute will make on-campus and remote UROP and other experiential learning opportunities available to undergraduate students in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Remote UROPs will be an option for both students living on and off campus. Those undergraduates who are approved to live on campus in Fall 2020 may be able to participate in in-person UROPs, if the research project meets all safety and public health requirements; can be conducted within the confines of MIT’s limited campus space constraints; and has approval from the faculty sponsor/PI. Additional details about UROPs and other experiential learning opportunities can be found in the cost of attendance section of the main MIT COVID-19 Fall 2020 FAQs page and details on Fall 2020 UROP application deadlines and proposal guidelines will be posted later this summer, so please check back.

Students with any questions about UROP processes (finding a project, writing a proposal, submitting an application, etc.) are encouraged to contact UROP Staff at (617) 253-7306, We’re here to help. We have also developed a set of COVID-19 UROP FAQs to help answer student and faculty questions.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate rapidly changing conditions.